3. Honesty with Our Employees

Our corporate philosophy is just two words, “No Suffering.”  An impossible mission, but one to which we are committed to always try to fulfill.  Transamerica strives to maintain a friendly, yet professional, atmosphere based on honesty, equality, and respect so as to prevent misunderstandings that so often lead to “suffering” by the employees of a corporation. Large corporations usually do not take the time nor care to get to know their employees individually.  As time goes by, faceless employees do not put forth the same kind of effort and devotion into their work as compared to cherished employees.  At Transamerica, we value the men and women who work here.  Their efforts and successes are always acknowledged and appreciated.  Our genuine care towards our employees has become one of the central incentives that fuel our employees to work harder and to maintain Transamerica’s standard of excellence. Transamerica also encourages our employees to “Think outside the box.”  Transamerica infuses creativity with marketing ingenuity.  We employ talented individuals we trust and encourage them to speak up with their original ideas and opinions.  We are also dedicated to educating these individuals and helping them succeed in the workplace and in life.  As a result, our valued employees have great confidence in themselves, in each other, in the work they perform, and in Transamerica.

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