2. Honesty with Our Clients’ Customers and Prospects

Transamerica believes in providing the same high quality service when contacting our clients’ customers and their prospects.  We do not believe in the hard sell, harassing telephone calls geared toward hastily closing the sale; instead, Transamerica believes that various stages of selling must first be defined and patiently executed before a sale is made. At Transamerica, we understand that our clients’ customers and prospects are not ready to make high-priced purchasing decisions on the first call.  They need to be slowly educated first before making a decision: the more product knowledge they have, the more inclined they will be to purchase the product or service. Transamerica breaks down product information into small digestible messages and delivers them in a clear, straightforward way so that our clients’ customers and prospects fully understand all that is being offered to them.  Transamerica does not push for the sale, pressuring customers and prospects to buy by exaggerating results.  Instead, Transamerica establishes a line of communication and trust by taking our clients’ customers and prospects through simple stages which include clear, concise introductory faxes, e-mails, and letters, comprehensive information packages, teleconferences, Web demonstrations, and personal meetings.

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