University of Calgary Seminar Room

Assembly Line Marketing™ – University of Calgary Luncheon Seminar

The Hotel Alma Boardrooms are actually a part of the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Pictured above is the Varsity Room. Catering is provided by the University of Calgary Food Services and as you can see by clicking is truly exceptional.

At the University of Calgary, you have the option of having Transamerica pick up the tab for both this Conference Room and a portion of the Lunch or accepting our Guaranteed Attendance Discount. Terms and conditions apply.

Furthermore, our promotion of and support for Luncheon Seminars do not change if your seminar is located elsewhere in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or anywhere in North America. Whether you coordinate the event yourself or ask our assistance, you will still be given the option of having Transamerica share part of the seminar costs or applying our Guaranteed Attendance Discount to its promotion.

See Assembly Line Marketing Pricing for more details.