Corporate Profile

1. David F. McCullough, Founder & President

Assembly Line Selling® is the brainchild of a long-time salesperson.  David’s process is a revolutionary approach to traditional telemarketing.  In David’s own words, “Assembly Line Selling was designed specifically to promote high technology products and services through telephone marketing.  This process integrates a rigorously-applied set of sales and marketing principles with contact management software.” David has over 20 years of telephone marketing experience in the high technology industry.  Prior to establishing Transamerica, David was the Associate Publisher for CHIP: Greater Vancouver’s Micro-Computing Sourceguide, a directory of the high technology community.  David’s experience at CHIPfamiliarized him with the ins-and-outs of British Columbia’s high technology industry, thus providing the foundation for Transamerica’s affinity for high technology companies specializing in vertical software and systems.  Following his departure from CHIP and realizing the business potential of telephone marketing for high technology products and services, David began formulating the rules and processes that characterize Transamerica today.  His new found business venture quickly gained momentum, and after years of hard work and devotion, David has established Transamerica’s position in the realm of telephone marketing. In 1996, David published his book titled, Assembly Line Selling: Coordinating Contact Management Databases, Proactive Telephone Sales, and Mail – to Win More Business, Maximizer 97is Version, which outlines how to control databases in contact management software using his innovative marketing strategies.  When David was asked to speak on Assembly Line Selling at the Annual SOHO-SME Business Conference & Expo in 1998 , David revised his book to include a host of other contact management software such as Maximizer 5.0, ACT! 4.0, GoldMine 4.0, and Outlook 98.  This took him into the world of Microsoft Office Outlook, and later into Microsoft Exchange Server, software that became the basis of Transamerica’s operations. Besides providing telephone marketing services to a number of top high technology companies and overseeing Transamerica internal operations, David also provides consulting services to companies who wish to increase the precision and efficiency of their marketing efforts.  He delivers speeches and educational programs on the subject of high technology sales and marketing techniques, particularly in telephone sales and small-space advertising.  He has spoken at British Columbia Technology Industries Association (BCTIA), ASI Exchange 2003, Canadian Information Processing Society, Business Development Bank of Canada, Independent Computer Consultants Association, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), and across western Canada in the government-sponsored High Technology Product Launch Seminars.