ABCTech Association logo T ransamerica Microsearch Inc. joined the Alberta Council of Technologies Society (ABCtech) to provide unique telemarketing services for smaller firms located in Calgary, Edmonton, and throughout Alberta

Searching for Telemarketing Calgary and Telemarketing Edmonton retrieves more than cost-effective database creation and outbound telemarketing. You may have found your next Inside Sales Rep!

Since January 20, 2016, Transamerica Microsearch has been a member of ABCtech. ABCtech provides a point of contact and communication for Alberta’s technology leaders and entrepreneurs. Developing alliances for emerging technology industries, ABCtech advocates for the commercialization of innovations that will diversify Alberta’s economy.

ABCtech germinates unique opportunities for collaboration amongst stakeholders who might not otherwise interact. ABCtech achieves this through a series of carefully constructed and executed events in Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer.

Serving smaller technology and manufacturing companies for 30 years, Transamerica offers unique database creation and telemarketing tailored to this group.

Recruiting, hiring, training, and retraining – when faced with turnovers – inside sales and marketing representatives can be both expensive and time-consuming. Transamerica’s part-time, dedicated Sales & Marketing Associates have years of experience. We can be plugged into any operation in a matter of hours – not weeks and weeks.

Using our trademarked process, Assembly Line Selling®, we connect live with you through your CRM. Working together will seem as if we are sitting in the desk right next to you. As Alberta seeks to diversify its economy, Transamerica can assist ABCtech in Calgary and Edmonton with cost-effective sales and marketing.