Assembly Line Selling®

The Ingenious Henry Ford & His Continuously Moving Assembly Lines

The word, “automation,” used in software technology, is derived from “auto.”  Over 90 years ago, when Ford Motor Company introduced the Model T to the world, Henry Ford accomplished his dream of manufacturing an automobile that was efficient, reliable, and priced reasonably.

With the invention of moving assembly lines, the increase in production levels made automobiles more affordable, thus more accessible to everyone.  The Model T transformed North America into an industrialized continent that was powered by continuously moving assembly lines.

Ford’s Model T assembly lines have evolved into an innovative way of selling at Transamerica Microsearch Inc.

With over twenty years under its belt, Transamerica has become a pioneer in the telemarketing industry, serving high technology companies with niche and vertical markets across North America.  Understanding the nature of phoning for high technology, Transamerica had long ago renounced the notorious boiler-room approach.  David F. McCullough, president and founder of Transamerica, created Assembly Line Selling, a more systematic approach to telemarketing.

In each of the nine points below, Transamerica and its Assembly Line Selling parallels Henry Ford and his continuous moving assembly lines.

Henry Ford & His Continuously Moving Assembly LinesTransamerica & Its Assembly Line Selling Process
1. a simple process1. a simple process
2. perfectly targeted to buyers’ needs2. perfectly targeted to prospective customers
3. constructed with interchangeable parts3. using an interchangeable message
4. which arrived with flawless timing4. which arrives with flawless timing
5. to be assembled on a continuously moving5. processed in continuous motion
6. powered by motorized conveyor belts6. powered by contact management software
7. staffed by a division of labour7. staffed by a division of labour
8. that worked on various stages of manufacture8. that works on various stages of selling
9. to meet a compelling demand9. to generate a compelling demand