Assembly Line Advantage™ Sales Training

David F. McCullough, President, teaches sales training concepts involving Assembly Line Selling® using one-on-one GoToMeeting®. David has spoken about Assembly Line Selling and related methodologies at Accelerate Okanagan Technology Association, ACETECH, the ASI Exchange, BC Inventors Society, BCIT, BCTIA (Software BC), the Business Development Bank of Canada, CIPS (Canadian Information Processing Society), the Independent Computer Consultants Association, OSTEC, VIATEC (Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council), and the Western Diversification Fund High Technology Product Launch Seminars.

David’s GoToMeetings are usually conducted in the mid-afternoons. Some evenings and weekends are also available.

In two (2) one and a half hour sessions, or slightly more, depending on questions, here’s just some of what you will learn:

I.Assembly Line Selling – 9 Point Analogy
• How to apply the classical, elegant principles of Henry Ford’s original Model T assembly lines to selling in the Information Age
II.Assembly Lines to Meet a Compelling Demand
• How the lack of multiple imaging can do you in. Why sales are governed less by content than by “The Law of Twenty-Seven.”
III.What is “Perfect Marketing”?
• How to emulate the Model T’s perfect targeting. Why initial telephone market penetration depends more on “intrinsic interest” than on decision making.
IV.Database Formation in Reverse
• Forward Searching vs. Reverse Searching: Search Criteria based not on where you are going but where you have gone before. Online Databases you should know.
V.Associations are “Where Birds Flock Together?”
• Encyclopedias you never knew existed. Questions you should be asking associations.
VI.Messaging as Assembled Parts
• How to create product or service recognition in under 10 seconds. How to break messaging into component parts. How those parts become interchangeable among voice, print, and Web.
VII.Synchronizing Correspondence with Phoning
• Four unavoidable scenarios and an exactly what to do.
VIII.Flawless Timing on a Continuous Moving Line
• How to divide time into “New Business” and “Old Business.” How to turn “Passive” phoning into Proactive Phoning. Why “Bunches” are the most effective imaging. The ultimate tactic and its mnemonic: “Love & Two Passes.”
IX.Contact Management Software: Conveyor Belt vs. Electric Calendar
• Five Fields & An Owner to set the tempo, tell you where you are going, where you have been, and how well you are doing.
X.A Division of Labour & Stages of Selling
• Who does what – the most fatal mistakes. Selling in a straight line. Assembly lines build things in stages, so should selling something.
XI.Turning On the Line
• What a database in continuous motion actually looks like
After this initial exposure to Assembly Line Selling, you may want more training or consulting to simply improve one or more areas of your telephone selling process, or you may actually need the sophisticated step-by-step creation of a complete telephone marketing campaign. Both are available.

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