Assembly Line Selling® Telemarketing & Database Marketing Action Plan

GoToMeeting®: This initial online meeting covers product or service orientation, targeting, the breakdown of messaging into component parts, transforming the sales process into stages and related tactics, preliminary scripting including relevant questions, database selection, and e-mail systems.

Database Sourcing: If a client does not have a database, Transamerica can either source a database for you using various hardcopy or online sources or create one through online research. When required, your Sales & Marketing Associate will use an Assembly Line Selling technique called, “Reverse Searching,” to create databases of contacts that resemble those who have previously bought from you.

Synchronized Correspondence: Following orientation, your product or service messaging is broken into component parts which are presented in a table containing a Headline, Subhead, Cross-heads, Body Text, Graphics, and Close. Once approved, this wordage becomes the campaign’s primary message and is usually e-mailed as a PDF after each initial phone call.

Scripts: Transamerica creates scripts involving the different stages of selling in your telephone marketing campaigns. Selling is executed in a straight, simple line, much the way a product is manufactured on an assembly line. Assembly Line Selling educates your prospects each step of the way as it convinces them to consider your product or service for purchase.

MiniSurvey™: Quickly-asked, but important, scripted questions asked during telephone conversations, the answers to which are both entered into the Notes and into separate database fields.

Multi-lining™: The technique of approaching more than one contact in an organization independently and simultaneously with multiple images of a product or service. The record for multi-lining is over 20 contacts in the same organization which resulted in a very large online system sale. Only a Transamerica Sales & Marketing Associate can handle a database with this kind of complexity.

Notetaking: Transamerica is known for its database-entered telephone conversational and actionable notes. Written in 3rd person, past tense, you will be able to read your Sales & Marketing Associate’s notes 5 years from now and still understand what transpired.

Special Notes™: Appointments, Events, Tasks, and Market Intelligence e-mailed out of the database to bring immediate attention to required actions or important developments. Your Sales & Marketing Associate will act as if he owns stock in your company when it comes to reporting dangerous competitors, adverse pricing discussions, unfavourable reactions to your company in years’ past, etc.

Telemarketing: Generally, on alternating days, your Sales & Marketing Associate divides his day into New Business and Old Business, creating a continuous flow of new prospects while generating multiple images of your product or service across the remaining portion of the active database. Furthermore, this approach increases the probability of actually eliciting a response.

Timesheet Invoices: Your Sales & Marketing Associate keeps time in 15-minute increments. Intuit Technical Support said it could not be done, but Transamerica found a workaround in QuickBooks Pro to create invoices that look exactly like timesheets. Every billable minute is accounted for. Someone once said that “5 hours at Transamerica equals 8 hours anywhere else.” That’s correct. There are no entries entitled, “Hockey Game Discussion at Coffee Machine.”