About Us

For almost three decades, Trans­america Micro­search Inc. has specia­lized in business to business telemarketing

Transamerica has established ourselves as an authority in outbound telemarketing for technology, manufacturing, educational and medical science companies with vertical or niche markets.

We have perfected our registered method of selling, Assembly Line Selling®, so as to yield high front-end market penetration rates.

Our telemarketing services are designed for those companies looking for an “all-inclusive package.”  We work with you to identify appropriate contacts, define approaches, and develop scripts.  This package also includes services that cater to your business development initiatives.

In addition to Assembly Line Selling telesales for high technology and other fields, Transamerica has developed Assembly Line Advantage™ training and consulting. Assembly Line Advantage educates high technology and other companies in the concepts and methodology of Assembly Line Selling.

David F. McCullough, Transamerica’s President, delivers speeches and educational programs on the subject of high technology and business to business sales and marketing techniques, particularly outbound telemarketing and small-space advertising. He has spoken at Accelerate Okanagan Technology Association, VIATEC (Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council), and many other prominent associations.


Assembly Line Selling®

Assembly Line Selling® takes you back to the simplicity of the past, to master the complexity of the present, in order to improve your revenues in the future.

Using Assembly Line Selling, our registered method of selling, Transamerica Microsearch Inc. offers telemarketing services for high technology companies with vertical or niche markets.  The precision and frequency that Assembly Line Selling generates has proven its ability to yield market penetration rates for this telemarketing company that are simply unmatched by other methods of direct marketing.

Assembly Line Selling is the brainchild of long-time salesperson, David F. McCullough, founder and president of Transamerica Microsearch Inc.  Since 1987, David has constantly perfected this proactive, precise selling process for outbound telemarketing.  As the name implies, one can draw a parallel between Henry Ford and his continuously-moving assembly lines for automobile manufacturing to Transamerica and its Assembly Line Selling process.

Henry’s Model T assembly lines have evolved into an innovative way of selling at Transamerica.

Assembly Line Selling synchronizes business to business telemarketing, proactive mail, and live connection to Outlook Exchange-hosted databases.  This process-driven approach has proven its ability to penetrate specific markets, expand market share, and to gain more business.

Assembly Line Selling defines the telesales process from A to Z: whom to target, how to sell, what to say, and how to use contact management software to keep the sales assembly line moving.

As opposed to the tortuous techniques, Assembly Line Selling’s precision and straightforward approach creates favourable probability by generating frequent, multiple images of your product or service across the minds of your targets.

Assembly Line Selling creates a smooth assembly line for the production of sales.

See our 9-Point Analogy.


Lead Generation Experience

A 28 year veteran in the industry of full-service lead generation and telemarketing, with a registered method of selling under its name, Transamerica Microsearch Inc. has worked with various companies in different industries. Our clients have used our telemarketing services for new market testing, lead generation, market intelligence gathering, and much more.

Our telemarketing company specializes in telesales for companies that develop and distribute software or systems in vertical, niche markets.  These vertical software developers and system integrators often have defined niche markets that are under-tapped with the company’s existing sales force.

With its precision and guaranteed frequency, Assembly Line Selling® outbound telemarketing has become known for its ability to penetrate niche target markets and to generate results.  This is where we have enjoyed our successes.

Some of our current and previous clients’ products and services include:

  • Contact relationship management (CRM)

  • Enterprise data collection

  • Enterprise management systems

  • Enterprise resources planning (ERP)

  • Financial management software

  • Fleet management software

  • Global positioning systems (GPS)

  • Human resources software

  • Public & private utilities software

  • Preventative maintenance software

  • Publishing

  • School information systems

  • Workforce management



Transamerica Microsearch Inc. prides itself on

  1. Honesty with our clients
  2. Honesty with our clients’ customers and prospects
  3. Honesty with the men and women who work at Transamerica

Many businesses recklessly abandon this concept in favour of increasing profit margins and personal gain. Often at times, such hidden agendas and selfishness produce unwanted surprises and cause undue suffering on part of those working most closely with the company—its clients and employees. Honesty is a rarity in today’s society. At Transamerica, we believe in upholding this value. We treat our clients, their customers and prospects, and our employees with the sincerity and respect they deserve. In turn, Transamerica is frequently acknowledged and appreciated for its hard work and dedication. To understand our telemarketing company and its telemarketing services, including outbound telemarketing, telesales, and business to business telemarketing, start with our Core Values.


Future Events

Before you go to another sales and marketing event, attend the only speech or seminar that unifies the complexity of sales, marketing, and contact management software into one simple process: Assembly Line Selling®. Assembly Line Selling is the process used by our telemarketing company and forms the backbone of our telemarketing services, including outbound telemarketing, telesales, and business to business telemarketing. Periodically, Transamerica Microsearch Inc. presents Assembly Line Selling speeches and seminars, locally or out of town, to technology groups and business associations.  If you are interested in learning Assembly Line Selling from its creator, David F. McCullough, please register your e-mail address for event notifications. We will keep you informed. If your company or organization would be interested in having David conduct a speech or seminar on Assembly Line Selling, please contact our Sales and Marketing Director, Lawrence Liu.

Past Events

1. May 15, 2003
David’s One-day Seminar on Assembly Line Selling at OSTEC, Kelowna, British Columbia
2. March 11, 2003
David’s speech at ASI Exchange 2003, Vancouver, British Columbia