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Assembly Line Selling

a precise

Turn your sales & marketing campaigns
into a precise and efficient assembly line!

Celebrating 26 years, Assembly Line Selling redefines high technology, manufacturing, medical science & education telemarketing with dedicated, in-house Sales & Marketing Associates, synchronized correspondence, and live, interactive databases you access through your own Outlook or CRM

Assembly Line Selling invisibly integrates your dedicated Transamerica Sales & Marketing Associates with your sales and technical divisions, providing a continuous flow of sales opportunities and in-depth market intelligence.  This simple process first pinpoints your prospective customers and then delivers multiple images of your product or service via phone, fax, e-mail, voice mail, and mail, many times resulting in a response from one out of every two organizations contacted.

1. Dedicated Sales & Marketing Associates:

Hiring a highly-educated Transamerica Sales & Marketing Associates is like having your own superbly-trained inside sales representative, marketing strategist, and an expert telemarketer in one person.  And, with our real-time Call Transfer, in combination with Microsoft Lync Secure Instant Messaging, your Sales & Marketing Associate can transfer an interested prospect's call to you anywhere in the world.

2. Synchronized Correspondence:

Reducing the complexity of your product or service to simply-understood concepts and phrases creates visual messaging that perfectly enhances Assembly Line Selling‘s telephone marketing process.

3. Live, Interactive Outlook Databases:

Using our Intermedia.net-hosted Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, your Assembly Line Selling databases are live on your desktop, laptop, and anywhere on the Internet through Outlook Web Access (OWA).  With ActiveSync on your Smartphone, you can carry your Sales & Marketing Associate's database live in your pocket!  This direct 24/7 access includes you in every step of the way.  Transamerica also works in Salesforce.com and Maximizer CRM, as well as other software systems.

4. All-inclusive Rate & Instant Cancellation:

Our telephone marketing fee is $39.95/Hour and includes all outbound long distance, toll free inbound service, limited postage, and access to your Exchange-hosted Outlook databases.  Our minimum 5x2 program is both effective and cost-effective.  Furthermore, our clients enjoy our no notice, no penalty, instant campaign cancellation policy.

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